Roxanne Rosensteel

Postpartum Cooking

Food is a powerful tool in the postpartum period 

Nutrient dense, warming foods allow your body to recalibrate while keeping you energized and nourished. 

From oats and sesame seeds to dried nettle and jujube, special ingredients can help calm the nervous system, promote lactation, and support healing.

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• wholesome soups and stews

• herbal teas and infusions

• warming porridges

• bone broths

• delicious snacks and treats that aid in energy and lactation

• nutrient dense bowls of whole grains, market vegetables and high quality proteins

• vegan and gluten free options available

chicken bone broth with ginger, shallot and jujube

market greens soup with coconut milk and pepitas

protein-rich turmeric and seed granola

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